Workshop - Part 2

So, here are our workshop, the place where we made all our prosthesis, implants , and all the other 3D-printed things. This is also the home of most of our 3D printers. In this place we work to produce low cost custom prosthetic for people who need it. We still have a long way to go, but we will improve our workshop gradually over time, adding more printers, creating more models, experimenting with new stuff, and so on.

Where is the Workshop?

What's in the Workshop?

Lots, and lots, of prototypes of implants, low-cost prosthesis, and other random printed things. And also, our 3D printers, from the smallest to big, heavy duty, many kind of printers for different purposes. Currently, our printers  are mostly FFF printers, but in the future, hopefully we will also introduce other types of printers.

Can you visit the Workshop?

Yes, of course! 

But you have to contact us before your visit to make an appointment. Just kindly  contact us, we are more than happy to have you here!

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