Top 5 Fun Things to Print in an Hour - or less

Sometimes, when we are tired of prints that last days, we want to print small, fun, and quick things to print – all within the hour mark or even less.

Sometimes, we got ourselves busy that we don’t have the time to print something that takes ages to complete (yes, i’m looking at you, big stuff), not to mention the inner rage when your printer decides to mess it up after 20+ hours and you have to start it all over again.

Sometimes us hobbyists want to print something that’s simple and fun – the reason why many people got into this hobby.and here are some of the few things that you can print within an hour or even less.

1. The Thork

Tired of having your fingers become cheese, corn, barbecue (or whatever flavor your snack is) fingers? Here is a quick and easy print to solve it. But make sure you print it with antibacterial filaments and wash thoroughly afther each use, though. And it’s not only for forking your snacks, it can be used to pet your cat (again, wash thoroughly when you’re done), or using it for your mini garden.


Who made it: Trevor Day Enterprise XD Design

Where to download: MyMiniFactory

2. Quick Hinge

Got a project that’s hinging in a balance? (pun intended)

Its creator designed it to hold an acrylic door for their 3D printer, but you can use it for a lot of other purposes. Best of all, it can be printed off fairly quickly and works effectively in most circumstances.

3. V29 Survival Whistle

Can you hear my whistle baby?

Oh definitely he/she can. Despite its size, this whistle can emit 118dB of pitch. It’s suitable for lifeguards, traffic cops, and school teachers.

And also to wake your roommate up. (Do it with your own risk)

Who made it: Joe Zisa

Where to download: Thingiverse

4. Magnetic Vase

Looking to spice up your fridge or metal locker with a little flora? This small, magnetic vase does exactly that, just add your favorite flower. You can also use fake flowers if you don’t want to worry about them wilting and dying. To keep them upright and positioned how you want them, stuff some tissue in before putting the flower in. If you’re really creative you can print a whole bunch of them and start a garden on your fridge.


Who made it: Bruce

Where to download: Thingiverse

5. Toothbrush Travel Case

Leaving your toothbrush exposed and festering in the bottom of a travel bag is gross. In the interest of keeping your pearly whites bright and healthy, rather than go to a drugstore to pick up a travel case to protect it, print one yourself! This model requires some supports, but should be a quick print depending on how much infill you go for.

Just make sure you use a filament that is food safe!

Who made it: Doug McInnes

Where to download: Thingiverse

So this is Part I of the Fun Things to Print Series. More things to come in the next post!


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