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Microtia Ear Surgery

Microtia ear surgery. Keep learning to understand science sand knowledges better, make it useful for others, whoever you are, wherever, whenever.

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Mission Accomplished.

Mission Accomplished. On 3 March 2019, there was a craniofacial surgery performed on a 8-year-old girl. Our medical references were used by the surgeon before

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Our Prosthesis

Our 3D printed prosthesis. Through a series of developments, we are able to produce prosteshis for disabled people’s use. The prototype of our hand prosthesis

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Our Workshop

This is where our magic begins. Our 3D-Printing Workshop. Where dreams turn into reality.   Copyright 2018-2019 Djokokuswanto.netAll trademarks belong to their respective owners.

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Head of Integrated Digital Design Laboratory – Department of Industrial Design ITS, Surabaya Indonesia
Owner of CrewolPrint3D

Djoko Kuswanto, ST., M.Biotech

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