At Simposium & Workshop, 57th Dies Natalis, Sriwijaya University

On 28-29th September 2019, we visited Palembang, the capital of South Sumatra Province, to fulfill an invitation from Sriwijaya University, as one of the speakers at the Symposium & Workshop, part of the 57th Dies Natalis of Sriwijaya University.

There, we presented many of our research, our work, and we share knowledge of the usage of 3D printing for medical applications, in this case, affordable prosthesis, implants, and our experience of using those technologies in real-life situations.

Furthermore, we demonstrated our full-arm prosthesis by a subject. The subject is satisfied with the prosthesis itself, being able to grab hold of multiple objects.

The prototype full-arm prosthesis is made by 3D Printer, thereby making it affordable and customizable at the same time, and itis also quicker to build than traditional prosthesis.

Most of our prototype prosthesises are open-source and is free to download on our Thingiverse channel, be sure to check it out!

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